2 June 2011

Fragmented Holga

Test pano type shot with Holga & Velvia 100F. Not a great scan but a glimpse of something promising. Best viewed at full size.

9 May 2011


I was going to leave the vaseline alone for a while but then I remembered I wanted to post this one. Besides, I haven't got the other stuff scanned yet ;) I can't remeber the tech details for this but I think it's HP5 in Prescysol.

4 May 2011

Vaseline Willis

Juvenile title I know. This is the last of my colour vaseline experiments. Looking forward to shooting another roll soon. Might try some Velvia!

26 April 2011

Smear Test

Sorry about the title, couldn't help myself ;) More tests with Holga + Vaseline + long exposures.

18 April 2011

14 April 2011

More fun with Vaseline

Somewhere along the Thames. Holga + Vaseline + Kodak Porta VC 160.

12 April 2011

Holga + Vaseline + Remote Release =

The Lloyds building through vaseline. Testing the 'vaseline effect' with colour. Still not really what I'm after but getting there... Holga, Kodak Porta VC 160 pushed 1.5 stops and scanned.