4 June 2010


Holga double expousure at Sheringham, Norfolk on a wet, grey day. Neopan 400, neg 'scanned' with my 30D.


  1. Hi, Great novel shots from your Holga there! I’m currently progressing with the construction of the HolgaDirect website and am hoping to get it live within the next month. My aim is to provide a comprehensive resource and shop for Holga related photography and cameras. For now you can follow our progress on the website on Twitter (www.twitter.com/HolgaDirect). If you are interested I am looking for interesting Holga photographers to feature on the website?

    Rgds, Rick (from www.HolgaDirect.com)

  2. Hi Rick, I've added you on Twitter. Here is my Twitter URL http://twitter.com/guyboden

    Sounds like a good idea on the Holga Directory. Yeah I'd be interested in a feature on the website, if you'd have me ;) Can drop me an email through this site or message me again if you have problems getting hold of me. Many thanks for the interest and message.

    Hmm, looks like it's time for an update to this site!